Join us as we delve into the exciting world of digital transformation with Erste Digital’s implementation concept of Composable Architecture and Business APIs. Discover how this innovative approach is allowing us to build flexible and scalable business systems, delivering new capabilities with ease and therefore promising greater agility, adaptability and growth. However getting there is neither easy nor cheap, as APIs are not reusable by default, so the organization must be open to this change. Composable architecture refers to the design principle that enables the integration of loosely coupled and independent components to form a larger system. It therefore enables the organization to rapidly react to opportunities and disruptions by generating new or changing existing capabilities and support new business models. When applied to business APIs, composable architecture allows for the creation of flexible and scalable business systems by allowing developers to build and reuse business components, such as microservices, in a modular fashion. By implementing a composable architecture with business APIs, organizations enable themselves to innovate faster.