For growing organizations seeking new talents to scale, the tra-ditional hiring procedure is most of the time bureaucratic and slow. Moreover, the usual hiring process in most of the com-panies shows little respect for applicants, making them wait weeks for an answer without fur-ther feedback about the interviews.An Agile recruiting process should be human-centric, reducing the feedback cycle from months down to a few days, simplifying the sluggish process to a couple of steps.In an Agile recruiting development teams are the main stakeholders, and they should be involved in most of the actions, from profile definition up to final hiring decision. Over and above, the complete staffing kanban should be visible and transparent throughout the company.In this talk, we will present our experiences regarding the hiring strategy of REWE digital Bulgaria. We will show you how in an aggressive IT employment market with a tremendous demand for IT professionals, REWE Digital Bulgaria has implemented a successful value stream for hiring, allowing the company to grow at a quick pace.