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Digital Design Professional (english)– Foundation Level incl. certification

3. - 5. Juli 2023 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Price: € 1.690,-

Early Bird Price : € 1.590,-*

*until 8 weeks before Seminarstart

exam fee: € 250,-

Price excl. Vat.

Duration: 3 Days



„A self-confident design profession is the key to successful and sustainable digitalization“.

(Source: The Digital Design Manisfesto,  Bitkom 2018)

The new program DDP Foundation Level from IREB provides to all involved people on design and development processes for digital solutions the required competences.

The program has its focus on the guidelines of the Digital Manifesto:

  • Good digital design looks at the person as a whole and anticipates the effects of the design results
  • It is useful and useable.
  • It is elegant and aesthetic.
  • It is evolutionary and exploratory.
  • It is sustainable and creates sustainability.
  • It respects data protection and data security.
  • It appreciates analog and digital means equally
  • It uses digital means where this is necessary

In this training you will learn

The fundamental competences for:

  • Design competences for the conceptual work
  • Digital competences for the usage of technologies
  • Cross-cutting skills for the management of involved teams.

DDP is not as a new role – DDP provides   supplementary competences.

Training Targets

The training imparts knowledge and competences about methods and practices required for the certification „Certified Digital Design Professional“,  based on the IREB DDP standard.

Training Content

Main elements for the training Digital Design Professionals (DDP)

  • Motivation for the new job profile Digital Design.
  • Digital Manifesto
  • Understanding of digital material for the construction of digital solutions.
  • Basics of design processes („Design Squiggle“) based on D. Newman.
  • Conceptual work in digital Design (DD)
  • DD at solution level, system level and element level using pragmatic documentation techniques.
  • Design Canvas
  • Usage of various prototyping techniques in
  • Relationship of technology and quality
  • Basics of human perception models
  • Business models for digital solutions
  • People Management
  • “Building processes” as social processes. „
  • Personality models and their importance in digital design (Keirsey Sorter Modell)
  • Support of digital design by sufficient tools


Presentations supported by case studies and practical exercises and discussions based on examples. (Usage of the case study YPRC in Confluence).


Knowledge and experience in Requirements Engineering or software architecture or system development or management of teams.

Target Group

Software Developer, Domain Experts, Project Manager, Requirements Engineers, Product Owner, Scrum Muster, Line Manager



More than 35 years international industry experience in IT, Software Engineering as well as Project Management in various domains like Telecommunication Industry, Industry Automation, Automotive, Airlines Industry and Healthcare Sector.

Since 2010 he works as an independent IT and management consultant. Founder and owner of SieITMCi Siebenhofer. Consulting e.U., since 2003   University Lecturer at the Institute for Applied Computer Science and Institute for Software Systems at the University of Klagenfurt. Until 2010 CEO of Siemens PSE (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

Certified Professional Requirements Engineer (IREB), Certified Professional Software Architect (iSAQB), Certified Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner (, Certified Professional Scrum with Kanban (, Certified Business Trainer (CBT). Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
Certified Digital Design Professional.

“Good Digital Design can be achieved only through transdisciplinary teamwork with a team that can cover the diversity of Digital Design skills.”  (DDP Syllabus)