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Vortrag: VIG Business Architecture Journey – setting up the BA practice as a framework for aligned Business and IT Landscapes, strengthened planning and execution of strategic transformations.

21. Oktober 2024 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Virtuelle Veranstaltung

The Business Architecture (BA) Practice in VIG is relatively new – successfully introduced in 2023 on a VIG Holding level with “Bebauungsplan”,  its scope was further extended in 2024 toward the VIG subsidiaries with extensive internal BA trainings, setting up of reference framework and roll-out methodology, planning and execution of pilot projects with several innovative VIG companies. A stepwise approach was agreed and followed – first to start with establishing the baseline of AS-IS Business Architecture and mapping it with AS-IS IT Architecture, and then further enhance the scope with planning of strategic business and IT transformations and design of Target Business and IT Landscapes. Building up of the VIG BA community and common BA knowledge repository to enable the intragroup collaboration and sharing best practices between VIG companies are accomplishing this BA journey.