IT Strategy

Perpetual digital change and the challenges that traditional companies are facing due to disruptive business models require an efficient IT strategy. To make an IT strategy successful, not only IT managers, but also the company's top management should contribute to its design and implementation.

The IT strategy comprises digitalisation throughout the company and for its products and services. Thus, business processes in purchasing, production, sales and controlling can be made more efficient through the use of IT. In many cases, managers and staff have to undergo training courses to prepare for the digital future.

A defined corporate strategy

The existence of a defined corporate strategy is an important prerequisite as a frame of reference for the IT strategy. In addition, the current state of development, for instance of the existing IT infrastructure, should be analysed in advance in order to design a target IT architecture. Consequently, an analysis will be carried out to determine what hardware, software (plus licences) and services are needed to reach the target.

IT staff play a key role in the IT strategy. However, it is also necessary to assess whether the aims defined in the strategy can be implemented at the enterprise's own computer centre, or whether resources offered by a service provider will be needed. Another option is to rent IT infrastructure via cloud computing.

Accordingly, a corresponding IT budget must be fixed. The IT strategy should be implemented according to a defined roadmap. The implementation is monitored and adapted in the case of changing external circumstances. A widespread method for this process is PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act). It was designed to support enterprises in supervising the effectiveness of their IT strategy.




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