Mission Statement

CON•ECT Event Management stands for continuing education at a high level. Experienced trainers combine expert knowledge from the fields of IT and business in practice-oriented, interdisciplinary courses.

The CON•ECT Business Academy supports career building by organising seminars that guarantee participants a decisive lead in cutting-edge knowledge. To achieve this aim, a dialogue between IT decision-makers, IT trend researchers, speakers and HR executives for IT departments including project managers has been initiated. This dialogue at the pulse of the economic situation takes into account the latest innovations and developments to ensure an attractive programme of groundbreaking training events, which is expanding every year. Companies can count on receiving competent information about the highly specialised ICT education programmes. The certification of the programmes guarantees that they are in line with international standards.

CON•ECT has become an international provider of education active in various countries in Europe and Asia. Our seminars are open to all who meet the educational prerequisites (such as required certificates in the case of further qualifications), regardless of gender, religion, political views, nationality, cultural background or age. Our partner institutions and training courses have been selected based on the most state-of-the-art ICT knowledge and expertise, and according to their practical and professional applicability.

CON•ECT understands Diversity Management 4.0 to mean the organisation as a cross-sectional actor. As a future-oriented organisation, CON•ECT integrates diversity management and quality management, innovation management, change management and brand leadership as decisive factors for success (in line with Peter Kinne’s approach).

Team: Our team values self-reliant, punctual and customer oriented work, as well as feedback and high standards. Customer satisfaction surveys and quality management ensure the continual improvement of our services.