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CON●ECT is the event agency familiar with the latest IT trends. We aim to be one step ahead of everybody else in terms of information about IT news – for the benefit of our clients. How we do it? With the help of an efficient network of partners and thanks to our feel for know-how with a potential for the future. Our clients can profit from our competitive edge as we combine our expert know-how and professional event management skills. No matter whether you’re an organizer, sponsor, speaker, IT decision-maker or attendee – our events will give you the most important benefit in the business: being first to market.


CON●ECT Business Academy brings you an extensive selection of sterling events featuring top ranking speakers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The range of offerings covers training and certification programs, such as ITIL training or Service Level Agreements, seminars and workshops on special topics including IT service or business process management as well as security, project management and communication, to name only a few. Special emphasis is placed on combining the business and IT angles. Informative lectures make the program complete. Training and certification can be obtained in fields such as software architecture and requirement engineering according to IREB, iSAQB and Exim, seminars and workshops are available in special areas such as IT service management, business process management, security, IT strategy, mobility, cloud computing and the like.


CONECT Business Academy on Demand

CON●ECT Business Academy on Demand enables us to customize your event in terms of date, topic and speakers. A broad range of workshops– including ITIL® v3, software methods and architecture or business processes - is available for booking and we will be happy to arrange your in-house workshop. Our extensive program offers top-notch events, training and certification programs, seminars and workshops bringing together the cream of the crop among speakers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In this context, combining business and IT issues is a special focus of ours.



CONECT Informunity events range from two-hour evening meetings, the so-called trend talks, business breakfasts or brunches to multi-day conferences or awareness-raising symposia on topics relevant to the public, such as IT strategies, cloud computing & IT services, software trends, mobile applications, security, collaboration, e-government as well as IT & health care. Moreover, these events offer an opportunity to get abreast of up-to-the–minute developments and/or gain experience with new technologies and business developments – including in-depth exchanges of information with users, providers and experts.


CON●ECT Webinars are virtual events: lectures and presentations with professional moderators are broadcast via live stream on the Internet. Webinars enable two-way communication between lecturer and participants, with access being available via Information is communicated at determined starting and closing times. Webinar moderators can grant participants the right to speak. File downloads, asking questions in chat format or participation in surveys are other typical forms of interaction. Speakers from our expert network, which comprises more than 700 people, are available for Webinars.







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Peter Stanjeck, USU AG

"Digitalisation of businesses is the main topic for the next few years, as it will enter a broad range of business spheres. As providers of service management software solutions, at USU we experience this trend first hand: businesses have started to use our products to manage their service processes also outside IT departments, for instance in human resources, facility management or controlling. CON.ECT has been our longstanding business partner for events in Austria and Switzerland. With great personal commitment and an infallible instinct for trending IT topics, for many years CON.ECT has managed to convene a great number of interested visitors at events and provide appealing presentations and has thus made a major contribution to maintaining and expanding the network for all those interested in IT topics in the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The USU Company sends best wishes for future success to CON.ECT. We are looking forward to many more joint events and opportunities for further exchange of experience. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary!"

Marcus Scheiblecker, WIFO


"Like in other fields, also in IT investment activities greatly depend on the expectations with regard to the future economic development. As a consequence, the current economic situation as well as that of the future is a decisive driver of the investment behaviour of businesses. Therefore, my presentations on the development of economic trends in the coming years have always attracted a lot of attention and have been a regular feature of the ICT Trends event."

Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH

"Beyond a situation in which no industry can do without IT systems, we have now reached a point where IT plays the key role in most industries. The rising importance of data as an active component determining the algorithmic process by conclusions drawn and models derived from them, as well as the challenges of more complex software with interconnectedness and new modes of interaction are characteristic of our times. Key words like Industry 4.0, IoT and digitalisation have brought additional momentum to the development as well as the discussion of the related topics. The Future Network picks up on those topics. In addition to expert talks from a variety of perspectives, surveys of trends and developments are presented. As a further bonus, there is also ample opportunity for networking among the participants."


Dr. Edgar Weippl, SBA Research

 "Secure planning, developing and operating complex cyber-physical systems are essential and difficult challenges of the future. In the past few decades the integration of software and organisation processes in companies increased; today, a similar development regarding the interconnectedness of machines and sensors is taking place. Software is part of our everyday lives. In the future, empirical and applied research in the field of software development will rise in importance. The increasingly complex software systems are hard to observe and figure out for users. Therefore, systematic monitoring is necessary in order to gain insights into the internal functions and discover potential security risks. Due to the growing complexity and integration with hardware, successful attacks are possible even if software has been developed flawlessly and diverse protective mechanisms at the level of operating systems and compilers have been installed."

Peter Lieber, Verband Österreichscher Software Industrie (VÖSI)

"As President of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI), which celebrated its 30th anniversary already in 2016, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Bettina Hainschink and her team on the 20th anniversary of Future Network and Con.Ect Event Management! What we have in common is our interest in the topic of software, which, in times of the emerging Industry 4.0 and the progress of digitalisation in many spheres of life, has become the centre of growing attention. VÖSI welcomes all activities that highlight the significance of software and IT in Austria and provide qualifications for the work in this demanding area through further training and certification. While great changes in the field of IT already emerged in the past two or three decades, it is only now that we are witnessing a broad breakthrough of digitalisation in all spheres of life. Both of our organisations have to meet great challenges in order to support the Austrian economy on the road to digitalisation in the best way possible and to speed up the process by means of new services."

Andreas Goldnagl, ASFINAG

 "For many years I have been present at CON.ECT's events as a visitor and sometimes as a presenter. These events have always encouraged the exchange of experience with peers working in the same field. CON.ECT created the ideal atmosphere for discussing questions of IT service management, as for example, which standards were used by whom and how, our current position in relation to the market, and many other topics. Bettina Hainschink and her team have always been open to trends of the industry such as Security, Capability Maturity Models, Digitalisation, etc. I have profited greatly from the events and the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with others in order to promote this exchange. Best wishes to the CON.ECT team: may their success story go on so I can continue to enjoy such interesting events with fascinating, trending topics."

Helmut Pichler, ANECON

"In my view, the CON.ECT Business Academy and CON.ECT Informunity represent a very active network of highly qualified professionals from a great variety of fields, which CON.ECT manages to animate. Time after time, CON.ECT has succeeded in organising events around "red-hot" topics. In addition to offering inside knowledge presented by the expert speakers, these events are a continual source of new network contacts. Also as a speaker I have been impressed by the professional assistance of the organisational team on every occasion. The fact that they complement their services by a comprehensive training programme is a good example of the target-group oriented focus of CON.ECT. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you to all the helping hands and attentive minds who have contributed to the great success of the events mostly from the background. I am looking forward to the next 20 years."

Martina Rumpeltes, IBM Client Center Manager

"For many years we have provided our IBM Client Center Vienna, a well-tested event and meeting location with a view of the city centre, for Con.Ect's events. By means of our professional technical infrastructure and assistance, business and IT topics were ideally linked. In this way, our close cooperation offers both companies the essential added value of successfully organising events on the latest topics."

Matias Eugster, Karer Consulting

"I consider digitalisation to be the most important trend, as it enters a new phase. In the past few years, the topic was focused especially on outlining visions and strategies and their effects on organisations in the future, now the specific design and implementation utilising Big Data and AI is at the centre of attention. Over the last few years, the events organised by CON.ECT frequently gave us insights into current developments. The talks focusing on the specific implementation in various enterprises were especially valuable. In cooperation withCON.ECT and the association BITSeN (Business IT Service Network) we founded the Swiss Business & IT Service Management Forum in Zurich. This year, the event was held for the 13th time already and attracted 100 participants. The positive reactions among the participants is undiminished, and we are looking forward to the events in the years to come."

Markus Müller, ABB Information Systems Ltd

"In view of the growing industrialisation of infrastructure in information management, rationalisation, automation, and in particular, standardisation plays a fundamental role in contributing to the digital added value in businesses. Intensified standardisation of processes and responsibilities facilitate integration even across the boundaries of businesses, e.g. with producers and outsource services. The ongoing analysis of standards and trends in IT information management is an essential core competence in the sense of combining digitalised value chains across business boundaries. In Austria and Switzerland, CON.ECT Eventmanagement has earned an excellent reputation for providing access to expert knowledge and standards to employees over the years. Thus, in our view CON.ECT has made a valuable contribution to Austria as a location for IT."

Isabell Kunst, Xephor Solutions GmbH

"A major trend that has developed for some time and engages more and more businesses in Austria in 2017 is artificial intelligence. This field provides a great variety of solutions, from simple rule-based software to thinking computers. Artificial intelligence implies that a computer is not only able to learn, but also to bring forth new ideas on its own, improve processes and react to unforeseeable situations. The prerequisite to introduce artificial intelligence successfully in businesses is to raise awareness about where such systems may be useful. At the same time, businesses have to be made aware of the way in which working with neural networks differs from installing traditional software. Rather than programming, this is learning with systems in natural language. The system is a dynamic process that is constantly improved and further developed. Once the potential of artificial intelligence has been realised, there are no obstacles to the successful installation of such a system."