Certified Agile Leadership®

14. 02. 2019, 9.00–17.00 Uhr

  • Understand how to create modern Agile Organization
  • Get familiar with Agile Leadership concept
  • Gain experience with creation of Agile culture
  • Create steps to become a great Agile Leader
Agenda for the class Day 1: Agile Leader Competencies Why Agile is everywhere Discuss trends in management, go through a history of organizational structures and explain the context for Agile transformation, organization, and culture. What kind of leader are you Discover Agile Leader competencies. Discuss strengths and opportunities for yourself and your organization. How to develop Agile management mindset. Understand dynamics of Agile Organization and its culture Reflect on different leadership models, how they influence the organization and its culture. Define Agile Organization, and discuss how you can measure Agile transformation. Share & learn from others Evaluate case studies of several agile organizations. Discuss with others their structures and cultures in reflection with the case studies. Day 2: Agile Leadership Model System view Experience the system dynamics and behavior. Understand the organization as a system. Apply it to the context of your organization. Get Awareness Observe what is happening around you in your organization. Listen to the voice of the system and feel the energy of it. Reflect. Embrace it Apply the organizational structure and culture models to organizations you know. Deep dive into culture and structure models. Act Upon Understand the complexity of the change. Get ready to influence the organization through yourself, others and the system.

Do., 14. Feb. 2019–
Fr., 15. Feb. 2019
9.00–17.00 Uhr



1800,00 EUR (zzgl. MwSt.)