RE@Agile Advanced - Agile Requirements Engineering (RE) with IREB CPRE certificate

Knowledge and competences using Agile Frameworks together with the concepts of Requirements Engineering successfully. (IREB Syllabus 1.0.1 Advanced RE@Agile)


Duration: 2 - 3 Days


„In today’s complex projects with their typically high uncertainties of requirements and technical uncertainties the usage of agile frameworks can improve the success rate of such projects.”

Many of the common used agile frameworks (Scrum, etc.) provide a framework for „what to do“, but do not specify in detail how to do the development.

The focus of this seminar is, to show how methods, processes and techniques of RE can be introduced and used in agile frameworks successfully. The training is based also on the “RE@Agile Primer” training. (1 day)


In this training you will learn,

  • • How the methods, techniques and practices of Requirements Engineering – as defined in the concepts of IREB CPRE Syllabus – can be introduced successfully in agile projects.
  • • Preconditions for successful system development: To know the vision and goals for the system to be developed, to manage the stakeholder und to define the scope of the system precisely and in the right way.
  • • Backlog Management in agile projects and the role of the Product Owner. Product Owner doing RE.
  • • Handling of functional requirements, quality requirements and constraints in agile projects.
  • • Establishing the right granularity of requirements and splitting of user stories.
  • • Prioritization and estimation of requirements based on their business value, risks and team based dependencies.
  • • Scaling of requirements engineering methods in larger and even distributed agile teams.


Training Targets

The training imparts knowledge and competences how methods, practices and techniques of RE based on IREB CPRE can be put into practice in Agile projects. (IREB Syllabus RE@Agile Advanced Level)


Training Content

Advanced Level knowledge areas of “Agile Requirements Engineering”:

  • • Principles and practices of some selected agile frameworks / models
  • • Specification of Vision and Goals in agile projects using suitable techniques. (PAM, Canvas, Vison Board, Product Vision Box etc.)
  • • Techniques and methods for the definition of the system scope. (Context Diagram, Story Board, UML)
  • • Using different levels of granularity for requirements at the right time for the right stakeholders
  • • Working with User Stories. (INVEST-Criteria, 3C-Prinziple, …)
  • • Documentation of requirements.
  • • Managing quality requirements and constraints (DoR, DoD)
  • • Prioritization techniquies
  • • Estimation techniques in agile projects. (Planning Poker, Magic Estimation etc.)
  • • Scaling of agile RE techniques in larger / distributed teams with Frameworks: SAFe, LeSS, NEXUS, …
  • • Tools and their usage for RE in Agile frameworks



Presentations supported by case studies and practical exercises and discussions based on examples. (RedmineUP, Jira, Confluence, Visual Studio, Sparx EA, microTOOL oRPM, Visual Paradigm).



IREB CPRE Foundation Certificate Basic knowledge about Agile – Experience in Agile projects.


Target Group

Software Developer, Domain Experts, Project Manager, Requirements Engineers, Product Owner, Scrum Muster, Line Manager.



Ing. Rudolf Siebenhofer (SieITMCi)