RE@Agile Primer - Agile and Requirements Engineering (RE) with IREB CPRE certificate

Concepts of agile frameworks (Agile) can be used together with well proven concepts of Requirements Engineering (RE) in order to create synergies between both effectively, if …


Duration: 1 Day


„Around the hype using agile methods and frameworks many misunderstandings can be seen – especially when trying to introduce Agile in organizations avoiding changes.”

Many of the common used agile frameworks (Scrum, etc.) provide a framework for „what to do“, but do not specify in detail how to do developments.

The methods of RE can enhance these frameworks with well-proven and applicable practices.

The focus of this seminar is, to show how methods, processes and techniques of RE can be introduced and used in agile frameworks successfully.


In this training you will learn,

How the methods, techniques and practices of Requirements Engineering – as defined in the concepts of IREB CPRE – can support the principles of the Agile Manifesto and the values and pillars of SCRUM.

  • • Relations between the Agile Manifesto with its principles / practices and the activities of RE.
  • • Usage of the knowledge areas of RE in agile frameworks and process models.
  • • How the typical practices in agile approaches can be supported by the concepts of RE.
  • • How the creation of artefacts in agile approaches can be better done by means of techniques and concepts of RE.
  • • Comparison and mapping of roles in agile frameworks with activities in RE.
  • • How RE can be processed in scaled agile projects.
  • • What has to be considered by the management when introducing Agile.


Training Targets

The training imparts knowledge and competences how methods, practices and techniques of RE based on IREB CPRE can be put into practice in Agile projects. (IREB Syllabus RE@Agile Primer)


Training Content

Compact Foundation knowledge of “Agile Requirements Engineering”:

  • • Principles and practices of some selected agile frameworks / process models
  • • Overview about Agile methods / frameworks (Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, …)
  • • Combination of Agile approaches wit Requirements Engineering based on IREB and creating synergies of them
  • • Handling requirements in agile processes – Backlog Management
  • • Comparison RE „classic“ with RE Agile
  • • Requirements Engineering (RE) as continuous process in Agile
  • • Parameters for the controlling of RE in Agile projects.
  • • Specification, documentation and management of requirements in agile approaches.
  • • Mapping of the main activities of RE (elicitation, documentation, validation and consolidation, managing) of requirements in agile processes.
  • • Organizational changes necessary for the introduction of Agile with regards to RE
  • • Tools and their usage for RE in Agile frameworks.



Presentations supported by case studies and practical exercises and discussions based on examples. (RedmineUP, Jira, Confluence, Visual Studio, Sparx EA, microTOOL oRPM, Visual Paradigm).



Experience in software development and knowledge about the own business processes and development / delivery processes.






Ing. Rudolf Siebenhofer (SieITMCi)