Certified Professional Requirements Engineer – Foundation Level with EXIN-Certificate

Continuous Management of (Customer)-Requirements in Projects based on IREB CPRE Syllabus 2.2 (Foundation Level)


Duration: 3 Days

Motivation to participate

“When starting a project in most cases customers don’t know their exactly demands but when they get the results delivered they know that THIS they don’t want to get.”

Based on that problem many projects fail. The challenge is to do THE RIGHT THINGs in the RIGHT WAY. Focusing on both is same important. To deal with the stakeholders requirements is the base for success or failure of projects.

The main focus of the seminar is: How we can elicit requirements from customers; how we can document requirements in the right way; how we can validate all requirements and get them agreed by all stakeholders and how we can manage the requirements during the project life cycle.


In that seminar you will learn

to use right processes and methods for the elicitation, documentation, validation, negotiation and the management of requirements in projects,

  • • Systemic view on projects and the products to be developed considering the whole system context.
  • • Methods to identify all relevant stakeholders.
  • • Effective methods for the elicitation of requirements for different domains and products.
  • • Suitable methods for the documentation of requirements whether using natural language or formal models like UML and others.
  • • Effective methods for the validation and negotiation of requirements with all relevant stakeholders.
  • • Managing requirements during the whole product development life cycle and methods for a suitable change management.
  • • Introducing effective support of the requirements engineering process by tools.

Requirements engineering has a technical dimension as well as a sales perspective. For the right management of requirements especially the soft skills of requirements engineers or business analysts have to be considered.


Seminar goals

During the seminar knowledge and competences are trained based on the syllabus of IREB as base for a certification as “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” Foundation Level of the International Requirements Engineering Board IREB.


Seminar content

Training of all elements of excellent requirements engineering

  • • System context analysis
  • • Analysis and management of stakeholders
  • • Eliciting requirements
  • • Interview techniques, creativity techniques
  • • Documentation in natural language
  • • Documentation using formal models
  • • Methods: Evaluation - Prioritization
  • • Validation of requirements
  • • Validation of requirements-specification documents
  • • Negotiation of requirements
  • • Models for conflict resolution
  • • Managing requirements changes
  • • Selection and introduction of tools for managing requirements


Methodology - Didactics

Presentation and discussions based on industrial case studies and many exercises and roll plays of participants especially focusing on the soft-skills of requirements engineers / business analysts for the effective management of requirements.


Pre assumptions

Experience in managing projects, für system development or experience in sales, technical sales for customer projects.


Target group

Requirements Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Team Leader, Sales Team, Developer, Tester, Stakeholder, Management



Ing. Rudolf Siebenhofer (SieITMCi)