Software Development and Agility

The need to rapidly develop and deliver software is one of the most important demands faced by IT departments. To react at ever-increasing speed while augmenting the IT budget as little as possible is a complex challenge. The use of agile methods can help to meet this challenge. Compared to traditional programming processes, agile software development helps businesses save an enormous amount of costs and time.

Competitive advantage through agile software development

According to the principles of agile software development, the rapid changes in agile processes give the customer a competitive advantage. Agile methods such as test-driven development help to minimise the amount of administrative work. Agile processes such as Extreme Programming or Scrum are employed to accelerate software development.

In order to successfully incorporate agility into an enterprise, it is important to transform the environment of software development as well. Here, the interfaces within IT departments, for instance between developers and operators (see DevOps) play a similarly vital role as the interfaces to business.

This is also the conviction of the great majority of IT and business managers. According to a survey commissioned by CA (2017), 81 per cent of the respondents believe that agile and DevOps practices are critical to successful digital transformation. More than 80 per cent of the businesses surveyed have implemented one of the processes in their enterprise, but only one third in more than one department.

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