Requirements Engineering

The aim of requirement engineering is to reach a common understanding between contractor and customer about how a system should be developed. The professional approach to requirements is the basis of the success or failure of the projects. Only one in three software projects is completed as planned (regarding time, budget, quality). The majority fail – not because of technical problems, but because of human difficulties.

Managing requirements

Requirements engineering provides contractors and customers with tested methods and procedures for successfully implementing projects. The effort estimation helps to contain the costs of IT and software projects. Both the management and the estimation of requirements call for team processes that have to be mastered.

Events on this topic:

28. Oct – 30. Oct 2020
Ing. Rudolf Siebenhofer (SieITMCi)
Online Angebot
3. Nov – 5. Nov 2020
Ing. Rudolf Siebenhofer (SieITMCi)