Focus Themes


IT Strategy

In view of digital transformation and disruptive business models, developing and implementing a sustainable IT strategy is a vital task of companies. An IT strategy derived from the corporate strategy helps to avoid misinvestment and safeguards the IT's contribution to business success.


Digital Business

Due to the digital transformation taking place across all spheres of business, companies are facing enormous challenges regarding speed and flexibility. As a strategic reaction to the rapid change of existing business models, an internal transformation of the company is required.


Software Developement and Agility

Agile software development is aimed at facilitating the accelerated delivery of IT services. Prerequisites: short paths of communication, close collaboration, prompt and well-informed decisions and assuming a high degree of responsibility.

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Software Architecture

Software architecture describes the fundamental components of, and their relationships within, a software system. It is the sum of all choices that are difficult to change later in the process - usually key principles and basic technologies.



Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering is a key factor for the success of (software) projects, particularly of complex ones. If the results of requirement engineering are flawed, projects tend to either exceed the framework of costs and time, or fail completely.



DevOps & ITSM

The purpose of DevOps (Development + IT Operations) is to improve communication between teams working on a software project in order to introduce the product on the market with a better quality and more quickly.
IT Service Management (ITSM) is a method of management that has as its aim the optimal support of business processes by an IT organisation. This is to be achieved with the help of standards, rules and frameworks including best practice examples such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).




The purpose of IT security is to protect companies, their values and data against threats. Today, the greatest danger for IT infrastructures, data integrity and availability emanates from organised crime. A comprehensive security policy is the basic structure of effective IT security



Technology Trends

The pace of technological change is breathtaking; this poses challenges, but also opens up new opportunities. Companies that pick up on current technology trends can offer greater benefits to their customers.